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VOX Conditioning is not your typical training studio.  The key to long lasting results goes past a program and a diet.  It requires a relationship built on trust between the client and trainer.  You are not on this journey alone.  You have the entire VOX family behind you.  

At VOX Conditioning, our clients are our family and you feel it the moment you step foot inside our gym.

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3 Reasons why you need a Fitness Buddy

Exercise should not be an arduous task that you force yourself to endure day-in and day-out for the sake of your health. Exercising with a spouse, friend, or mate, or working with a group, like a running club or exercise meet-up group, can help you fulfill your fitness goals and have fun while at it.  Here are three reasons why you should consider getting a fitness buddy.




Fitness Terms Decoded--5 Must Know Terms

If you are following any fitness program, you have probably heard certain terms numerous times, or even done some of those routines yourself. Some terms are easy to grasp, like bi's and tri's, but do you know what VO2 max, HIIT, or WOD refer to? 




How to Build LEGS!!

Got legs? Or are you having trouble getting? Here are a few tips to growing a set of wheels that you can actually show off #legday




Are you squatting right? Common squat mistakes.

For decades, bodybuilders have known that squatting is the single best lower-body exercise. Besides involving the glutes and all of the front and rear thigh musculature-not to mention the calves-the squat allows you to push a substantial amount of weight.

The squat can be tricky to master, though, and poor technique on this lift has generated a lot of business for chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons over the years. See if you're making one of these crucial errors.




How To Do High Intensity Cardio the RIGHT Way!!

You burn carbohydrates and fat when you exercise, but the proportion varies with the intensity of your exercise. Low-intensity activities, such as walking, tap mostly into fat stores, whereas high-intensity cardio pull more heavily from carbohydrate stores. 

To maximize the results of your high intensity cardio training, you should consider these 5 tips:

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At VOX Conditioning we are dedicated to improving your overall health and fitness. We are committed to providing a premium service everytime. Our goal is to have you feeling that you have accomplished more than just a regular workout. At VOX, our clients reach their true potential!

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