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VOX Conditioning is not your typical training studio.  The key to long lasting results goes past a program and a diet.  It requires a relationship built on trust between the client and trainer.  You are not on this journey alone.  You have the entire VOX family behind you.  

At VOX Conditioning, our clients are our family and you feel it the moment you step foot inside our gym.

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Fuel Up the Right Way

Everybody needs fuel to power through his workout routine. The problem is, a lot of folks make some pretty bad choices when it comes to getting energy for their exercise. This article will first list down the things you shouldn’t do, as well as the food you shouldn’t take, for your exercise regimen. After that, we’ll make a list of things you should take to get the energy you need to get you through your workout.





By making this alternative to potato chips, you’re slashing the fat, beefing up the nutrients—and satisfying that craving for something crunchy all the same.




How Do You Get Shredded?

How do you get shredded? Do you rely on extreme methods like zero carbs and hours of endless cardio? There are better and healthier ways. You may have a stubborn body but is it really worth putting yourself through hell??? Health and wellness extends beyond your body fat percentage. What good is being shredded if you're irritable and nobody wants to be around you because your so depleted you're a different person? What good is developing a fear of food when it's supposed to nourish you? Take your time. Find the best method for your body and do not rush it. It's better to have smaller calories drops over a long period of time than to drop large amounts in quick succession.




Steak-and-Pepper Tacos

Flat-Belly Dinner Recipe: The secret to flat abs? Foods like whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean protein, which curb hunger, boost your calorie burn, and prevent belly bloat.




Confidence on the Journey: Why Patience Is a Virtue during your Weight Loss Journey

That you must “cut the mental fat” before “cutting the waistline fat” is a weight loss logic. Weight loss experts agree that long-term weight loss begins in the head. You see, your mindset and attitude determines your weight loss results. In fact, you have to think thin to become lean.

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At VOX Conditioning we are dedicated to improving your overall health and fitness. We are committed to providing a premium service everytime. Our goal is to have you feeling that you have accomplished more than just a regular workout. At VOX, our clients reach their true potential!

-Tyler Malone

Owner, VOX Conditioning

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