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VOX Conditioning is not your typical training studio.  The key to long lasting results goes past a program and a diet.  It requires a relationship built on trust between the client and trainer.  You are not on this journey alone.  You have the entire VOX family behind you.  

At VOX Conditioning, our clients are our family and you feel it the moment you step foot inside our gym.

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Your six-pack is already there. Most of you don't even know it

Here's a shocker for all of you. You already have a six-pack! Yeah, it's true. Your six-pack is just hiding underneath layers of fat, We are not joking here. We are all born with one. It's just that some of us have peeled back the layers of fat, while some others have not. 




Pistachio-Rosemary Crusted Tuna

In a house where fish isn’t always the most welcome dish, Nicki Anderson (personal trainer) says, this creation is eagerly anticipated. 




How to Achieve the Perfect Butt

The butt is one of the unique features of human beings. It would be very awkward to come across someone with nothing where the tail is supposed to be. However, the butt is not all about the physical appearance. It performs very critical roles for normal functioning of the body.




Will Beans And Whole Grains Work For You?

Beans and whole grains will work great for you, but you need to be aware of how people use them. Some people use them in their natural state, but other people will use them in their fermented state. 




How to Get Fit While Watching TV

Yes, you can get fit while watching t.v. However, it does require real work. This is what trips a lot of people up inside. People want to sit in front of the t.v, but they also want the six-pack abs and toned butt and body. So, herein lies the paradox. 
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At VOX Conditioning we are dedicated to improving your overall health and fitness. We are committed to providing a premium service everytime. Our goal is to have you feeling that you have accomplished more than just a regular workout. At VOX, our clients reach their true potential!

-Tyler Malone

Owner, VOX Conditioning

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