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VOX Conditioning is not your typical training studio.  The key to long lasting results goes past a program and a diet.  It requires a relationship built on trust between the client and trainer.  You are not on this journey alone.  You have the entire VOX family behind you.  

At VOX Conditioning, our clients are our family and you feel it the moment you step foot inside our gym.

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Muscle-Building Smoothie Recipe

Good-bye, chalky protein drinks. This gourmet, high-protein mixture packs strong flavor for strong muscles.




Top Three Biggest Marathons in the World

There are hundreds of crowd-pulling marathons organized around the world each year. However, for a marathon to capture the world’s attention, it requires a great course with scenic views, excellent planning, and top-notch organization.




Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do

Love What You Do and you'll never work another day in your life...

This basically what I do most hours of the day (aside from Instagram and other social media). 





The Kind of Protein and Carbs you Need for Working Out

Muscle building requires a formula based on adequate hydration, the right energy foods, enough sleep, and strength training. Such a balance ensures you have enough fuel during workouts, helps repair muscle tissue and grow muscle. Regarding energy foods, proteins and carbs are most vital.




Bacon and Jalapeno Egg Sandwich Recipe

This crispy, meaty breakfast sandwich was inspired by the classic McMuffin, but it's so much better for you! Our version calls for organic eggs, a whole-grain English muffin, reduced-fat cheese, and a metabolism-boosting jalapeno pepper. Low-fat, high-protein turkey bacon makes it hearty enough to keep you full and satisfied all day. 
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At VOX Conditioning we are dedicated to improving your overall health and fitness. We are committed to providing a premium service everytime. Our goal is to have you feeling that you have accomplished more than just a regular workout. At VOX, our clients reach their true potential!

-Tyler Malone

Owner, VOX Conditioning

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