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VOX Conditioning is not your typical training studio.  The key to long lasting results goes past a program and a diet.  It requires a relationship built on trust between the client and trainer.  You are not on this journey alone.  You have the entire VOX family behind you.  

At VOX Conditioning, our clients are our family and you feel it the moment you step foot inside our gym.

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How can meditation help you?

Many people know that meditation can help them stay centered and calm, but this ancient practice can offer more than promoting mental wellness and inner peace. Workout is also an important component of your general health and well being, but can you put meditation and fitness together?




How to Tone Your Trouble Spots

The biggest challenge for people looking to be fit is usually motivation and adhering to a proper training routine and nutritional plan. But even the most diligent and disciplined people can have trouble firming up certain trouble spots. If you're battling with your thighs, arms, tummy, or butt, incorporating these toning moves into your regular workout routine can help you shed fat in those trouble spots.




How do you take Accountability?

Whoever went to University or College can relate while those who may have not had that opportunity can understand the importance of this post.




The Circle of Dieting

We have either been through it ourselves or know someone who has. We spend weeks, months, possibly years dieting down to try and get to an acceptable weight or size but we always plateau. What gives? Well, what if I told you that your constant dieting has been your worst enemy?




Three Ways to Eat Smarter

Take one step into the fitness community and you're immediately inundated with a popular piece of nutrition advice: If you want to maximize your gains, you have to spend Sundays preparing clean meals, walk around the office with a milk jug full of water, and eat every two hours. Right?
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At VOX Conditioning we are dedicated to improving your overall health and fitness. We are committed to providing a premium service everytime. Our goal is to have you feeling that you have accomplished more than just a regular workout. At VOX, our clients reach their true potential!

-Tyler Malone

Owner, VOX Conditioning

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